Sakinah resort & game lodge

is a bushveld hunting lodge

Sakinah Resort & Game Lodge offers you the peace and tranquility of Africa’s unspoiled bushveld, and the excitement of authentic hunting experiences. Sakinah is a bushveld hunting lodge where you can enjoy the best of African hospitality and wildlife experiences. Situated in a pristine wilderness area in South Africa’s North West Province, Sakinah is easily reached from Johannesburg and is just one hour’s drive from OR Tambo International Airport for our overseas guests. Sakinah has a beautiful mosaic of habitats, consisting mostly of open highveld grassland and central bushveld. The landscape is dotted with rocky outcrops or koppies which provide outstanding views over Sakinah and beyond.


Sakinah is home to a wide variety of indigenous species, including iconic buffalo and springbuck and more elusive creatures like aardvark and caracal.

The full list of game species that you’ll find at our beautiful establishment include Sable, Blesbuck, White Blesbuck, Eland, Buffalo, Gemsbuck/Oryx, Springbuck, Kudu, Nyala, Red Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Impala, Black Impala, Zebra, Warthog, Black Wildebeest, Fellow Deer, Yellow Mongoose, Cape Ground Squirrel, Vervet Monkey, Scrub Hare, Porcupine, Aardvark, Black-backed Jackal, Large Spotted Genet, Brown Hyena and Caracal/“Rooikat”.

Snake species include Puff Adder, Common/Rhombic Night Adder, Rinkhals, Boomslang, Red-lipped/Herald Snake, Mole Snake, Brown House Snake and Common/Rhombic Egg-eater.

Hundreds of different birds can be seen on the property, while naturally occurring tree species add to the diversity of the landscape and provide shade for people and animals alike.

Our rich bird life includes Common Ostrich, Helmeted Guineafowl, Swainson’s Spurfowl , Coqui Francolin, Crowned Lapwing, Egyptian Goose, Black-Collared Barbet, Crested Barbet, African Hoopoe, Green Wood-Hoopoe, Red-chested Cuckoo, Fiscal Shrike, White-backed Mousebird, Long-tailed Widowbird, Southern Red Bishop, Southern Masked Weaver, African Paradise Flycatcher, Black-Backed Puffback, Blue Waxbill, Barn Swallow, Cape Glossy Starling, Red-Winged Starling, African Grey Hornbill, Pied Crow, Black-Shouldered Kite, African Fish Eagle, Spotted Eagle-Owl, Fiery-Necked Nightjar, Hadeda Ibis, Common/Indian Myna, Cape Sparrow, Cape Wagtail, Ring-necked/Cape Turtle Dove, Laughing Dove, Red-eyed Dove and Speckled Pigeon.


At Sakinah, you can enjoy superb hunting experiences whether you’re an expert or a novice. The thrill of the hunt concludes with the satisfaction of acquiring the trophy, or providing delicious, healthy venison for your family.


The rich tree life around our beautiful lodge includes various Akasia species, White Stinkwood, False Olive trees, Highveld Kiepersol, Mountain Meddler, Small Knobwood, Dogwood, Velvet Bush Willow, Blue Guarri Bush, Common Hook-thorn, Mountain Karee, Common Wild Pear, Puzzle Bush, Common Wild Current, Ankle Thorn, Cork Bush, Jacket-plum, Koko Tree, Wild Meddler, Mountain Silver Oak, Sweet Thorn, Common Spike-thorn, and Buffalo-thorn.

Lodge activities

Non-hunters can enjoy game drives in the bushveld with our experienced guides, or relax at the lodge accommodation which features an outdoor pool, games and a braai area for sociable evenings under the African stars. We are regularly adding to our range of activities to ensure that whatever you’re into, you’ll enjoy every moment of your time at Sakinah Resort & Game Lodge.

Explore the area

The historic town of Parys, on the banks of the Vaal River, is just 30 minutes’ drive from Sakinah. Parys provides scenic views of the river, excellent fishing, and the opportunity to explore the many art galleries and craft shops for which the town is famous. Parys also features many excellent restaurants and bars.

The Emerald Resort & Casino, with its popular water park, is also around 30 minutes’ drive from Sakinah, in Vanderbijlpark.

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